Life of a Gypsy | We chat with a gypsy nomads @tripinavan

Life of a Gypsy | We chat with a gypsy nomads @tripinavan

Tell us a little about who makes up the travel brood of @tripinavan

We are a family of five - Me (Bec), husband Justin and our three ratbags Jack, Billy and daughter Charli. We set off on a lap around Australia in Dec 2015 and well, the lifestyle simply stuck. Now nearly 3.5 years on, we are still living the simple life caravanning around this amazing country.


What sparked the idea to live a life of on the road adventure?

It was a change in job circumstances for my husband, the coal mine he was working at closed down and his new job was completely way off with the work life balance. Meaning, I was home with three kids under three and he was working crazy hours barely seeing the kids. So Justin put the idea of travelling Australia to me and due to just having a baby, I said no, however after a few weeks I came round to the idea.


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Where to next?

Next? I have no idea and that’s the beauty of travel. It’s on your own terms! At the moment we are exploring Western Australia and will move on to the Northern Territory and over to the East Coast.

Most memorable places your stayed in so far and why?

There have been way to many memorable places and we are asked this question a lot. It could be in a dust bowl in the middle of nowhere, but a campfire and amazing sunset can be your memorable moment. For us its not the memorable places but the memorable moments.
We love the WA coastline, its untouched, pristine, crystal clear with the most amazing blue water and they have all this gorgeous marine life. Ningaloo Reef is pretty special.


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What’s been the most surprising and rewarding experience about your journey so far?

The most rewarding experience is the family time. Although some days are hectic with three kids on the road full time I’d just never give it up. What it’s doing for them emotionally is incredible and the family bond we’re creating is unbreakable. What has surprised me is how much I love simplicity, living this slow paced life has made me appreciate things a lot more!

How long do you plan to be on this adventure?

Who knows how long this adventure will be for. I cant believe it’s been 3 and a half years. As long as we continue to earn an income, not touch our savings and everyone is happy, we will continue for another year or two (or three).


What advice would you offer to anyone who wants to pack up and hit the road?

My advice would be to buy a caravan/bus/camper trailer that suits your family’s needs. For us, hitting the road with kids aged only 6 months, 2 and 3 years old, it was a must to have an ensuite in our caravan. Prepare yourself for an adjustment period and remember its a lifestyle not a holiday. Initially its a holiday, but you’ll need to find a good balance.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced living a life on the road?

Our biggest challenge has been remembering to make time for ourselves. We can get caught up in doing everything as a family but it’s important to make time for yourself and grab a break when you can.


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Most important items for a life on the road?

Most important items, well it wont be what you think. But having a really good battery and solar set up has been a game changer for us. It gives you so much more freedom and convenience. However something materialistic would be my Birkenstocks and Akubra as I wear them both every day.

Travel tips for travelling with children?

Travelling with kids is really beneficial and challenging at times. My best travel tip is to keep them on a routine as best you can. Kids thrive on routine and we make sure they are always in bed asleep by 730pm. Things just flow nicely when everyone knows what’s happening.


Tips for self-care while travelling?

For my self care I always try to take care of my skin as I am always in the sun. I have a good skincare routine and use lots of Jojoba oil and do a hydrating facemask often.

For you, happiness is?

Happiness is family, travel and exercise. Keeping active is a must for my happiness and being able to travel with my family really does make me happy! How lucky am I.

Currently I Am...

Drinking... Wine
Cooking... Lamb
Watching... Netflix
Listening... to a Spotify playlist Reading oh I need to do more of that
Dreaming ...of delicious foods containing Gluten Wearing my bathers
Planning... our whereabouts over the next month.



Our Ziggy | As Featured by Children of the Tribe

Our Ziggy | As Featured by Children of the Tribe

We have loved every day of our adventure via @life_on_the_open_road_au and it has been a dream to slow down and spend each precious day with our little Ziggy Man watching grow & learn to walk!

Recently little Ziggy was featured on Children of the Tribe! We loved the feature so much we just had to share x

You can visit Ziggy's full feature here







Excerpt below from Children of the Tribe

Meet Alex & Ryan and their one-year-old son Ziggy - a young family from the Gold Coast who last year decided to pack up and hit the road for an epic journey around Australia. This trio are right at home in their house-on-wheels, embracing the infinite adventure that life on the open road brings – whether it’s sun, surf, sand, fishing or biking - these three are living their best life. We caught up with them as they made their way north along the coast of Western Australia, in the remote and striking town of Red Bluff.
Who's in your tribe?
We are Alex, Ryan and Ziggy Hutchinson from the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Tell us about your inspiration to hit the road for the ultimate Australian road trip.
After building our label Mahiya over the last 6 years we thought it would be a fun adventure to do a trip around Australia to visit stores while living our dream travelling in our caravan for a year. We have always wanted to travel our own beautiful country but never thought it would happen, until we joined the grey nomads. We feel really blessed to be able to do it at this stage in our life and make lots of fun memories for Ziggy to look back on.

Tell us about one really special experience you've shared so far?
I think one of our favourite moments of the trip has been was swimming with the sea lions at Bairds Bay in South Australia. We took our little rooftop tinny out to where they live on an island not far off land and swam with about 7 of them. They were so friendly swimming around us, it was incredible.

What are your top 5 adventure essentials?
1. Bikes - we have loved riding around all the beautiful towns we have visited.
2. Surf boards -Ryan doesn't leave home without them.
3. Fishing rods -we have been catching so many delicious fish like King George, Whiting and Grouper There is nothing better than eating fresh fish that you have caught yourself!
4. Having a 4 Wheel drive to be able to access and explore all the amazing beaches and off road tracks
5. Our beach trolley to load all of our gear and umbrella for long days at the beach.

How has Ziggy adapted to his new home on wheels? 
To be honest it was a bit of a struggle for the first couple of months. Not only was he adapting to new surroundings but also broke through 4 teeth the week we left so the poor little man was miserable. Once he got used to things he has blossomed into one very happy little boy who is now up and racing around with his new little buddies. He is playing in the dirt and swimming at the beach most days and loving life on the road.

Where to next?
After spending the last 6 months travelling throughout NSW, VIC and SA we have started our journey up the coast of WA, and boy it doesn’t disappoint. We are currently in Redbluff near Quobba's Station which is very remote and beautiful and we are looking forward to exploring places like Ningaloo, Coral Bay and Broome. We also have swimming with the whale sharks on our list which I'm sure will be a highlight - there are still so many great adventures to come!
Our Life on the Open Road | by Love Mae

Our Life on the Open Road | by Love Mae

A little while back, the gang at Love Mae did a little feature on our family for the their Journal. Looking back at how small Ziggy was gives my heart little pangs for the baby that is now a little boy! How time flies when your living life on the open road!
Read a little of our feature below, or visit the full feature here
our life on the open road captured by love mae
Their fashion and lifestyle brand Mahiya may celebrate Boho LUXE, but for gypsy souls Ryan and Alex, the enforced simplicity of Life on the Open Road has awakened a love of living with LESS. We jumped on board for tales of their choose-your-own-adventure van life, teething toddlers and the joys of the 5-minute house clean!
Created in 2013, Mahiya translates to ‘My Love’, how did you come to find and be inspired by the name Mahiya?
We searched for awhile to find the perfect name that was exotic, different and a reflection of our products. We wanted our label to be a labour of love so Mahiya was the perfect fit. Mahiya is my love in Sanskrit, which is the language of ancient India.
A husband and wife business partnership, how did the two of you meet and how did you come to create Mahiya together?
We met at a mutual friends Christmas party nearly 6 years ago and we have been together every day since! At the time I had another label with a friend and I was looking to move on and do my own thing. It all just kind of happened on a trip to Bali where we decided to try a new direction and give it a go together. Luckily it has been a match made in heaven as we both have our different strengths. I have a design & photography background so I oversee the creative side of Mahiya, and Ryan has a business background so he looks after that side of the label.
 our life on the open road captured by love mae
Devotees of the Bohemian lifestyle, Bohemian & Gypsy elements flow through into your designs, what drives your design inspiration?
My mum was a bit of a hippie back in the 70s so I always loved the Bohemian style and lifestyle growing up. It all comes kind of naturally as I really just create things I would personally love to wear and use. Inspiration comes from so many things and can come on anywhere. The colours and exotic textures from different countries definitely inspire as beauty is everywhere.
You’re at the beginning of a 12-month adventure around Australia with 13-month old Ziggy. Tell us, how is life on the open road so far, and how is little Ziggy adjusting?
To be honest it has been a big adjustment for little Ziggy who has slowly got into the swing of things, he is finally getting used to his new home on the road. Unfortunately he has had about 5 teeth come through since we left so there has been a few sleepless nights but nothing compares to being in so many beautiful places and getting to enjoy this gorgeous country of ours. We are totally loving living with less, we are such consumers and are always wanting more but its so nice to have everything we need and know that nothing else will fit. The best bit is realising we don’t actually need much.
our life on the open road captured by love mae
What do you love most about caravan life and what parts of the country you are most excited to arrive at?
There are so many great things about van life. We spend so much more quality time together as a family without the distractions of everything that goes on at home. I also personally love only having our small space to clean! It’s heaven...5 minutes and our whole house is clean what’s better than that!
We are super excited to visit the Great Ocean Rd, Ningaloo, Esperance and Broome - WA is definitely at the top of our list.
Your Caravan is one of the most well styled Caravans that we’ve seen!
For our own curiosity, and as an on-going source of inspiration, we always like to find out as much as we can about our featured guests, can you humour us with the first thing that comes to mind for each the below?
our life on the open road captured by love mae
Currently I am...
Drinking | Scotch. Our love for this really took off at the start of this trip...nothing like a scotch at the end of a long day with a 13 month old! Amen
Cooking | BBQ everything! We don’t have an oven so it’s lots of yummy meats and salads most nights
Planning | The trip ahead. How do you choose locations where there are so many beautiful places to see?!
Listening | Ziggy Alberts, Katchafire, Vance Joy, a bit of everything really
Dreaming | Of all the amazing sunsets we are going to see this summer!
Wearing | Mahiya (of course :) ) + our favs, Olas and Lobster Shanty
Watching | Ziggy exploring all his new surroundings and touching everything he shouldn’t lol
Reading | Articles on "Am I going crazy? - or are 13 month olds just hard bloody work?"
To hear... Live Music
To see...Whale sharks in Ningaloo
To hold... Our family and friends back home x
Visit Mahiya here, ⭐︎follow the Mahiya journey here ☽ follow Alex & Ryan's adventures here 
our life on the open road captured by love mae
On Location | Esperance, Western Australia

On Location | Esperance, Western Australia

For our latest luxe leather shoot, we journeyed to the glorious beaches of Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia
We chose Lucky Bay for its jewel sea-blue & sea-green tones, the perfect back drop for new season hand-crafted leather range 


on location with our picnic perfect Soirée Leather Back Pack 
soiree picnic back pack
up close with the hand-tooled, hand dyed details  of the  Soirée Leather Back Pack 


The unique hand-crafted Dakota Baby Bag perfect for our style mamas


warm cream tones of the hand-crafted Luna Bag


on location
everyday perfect Luna Bag


cool hand woven leather embroidery in our Turquoise Dream Weaver Bag


fuchsia & turquoise colour pop of our Dream Weaver


everyday classic Tan, our Fringe-free Dream Weaver Bag


dream weaver banner
capturing the magic of our location, Lucky Bay with our Dream Weaver Bag

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