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 Organic Cotton Tees & Tanks 

Mahiya - meaning ‘My Love’ - was first curated to sell beautiful collections of bohemian leather bags, wallets, shoes and accessories. Since the beginning, our collection has expanded to include beautiful boho womens organic tees, and tanks.

Our luxe women's organic tees and tanks are our latest obsession, and passion project with fun boho prints, floral prints and fresh designs. These t-shirts are perfect for everyday wear, and look amazing paired with jeans, leather boots & a boho bag slung over your shoulder. 

The great thing about Mahiya tees is they are made truly sustainable. Rather than being organic in name only, our organic tees and tanks are the real deal. Ethically made and manufactured using sustainable energy, our womens organic tees and tanks are something to be excited about. 

Mahiya womens organic tees and tanks represent a way to look stylish and express yourself. Featuring catchy phrases and one of a kind designs, these tees and tanks exude comfort and style. 

Why Organic Cotton?

The range of women’s organic cotton tees and tanks is all about showcasing versatility. Each tee and tank features exclusive prints that are available in a range of colours. There truly is a tee or tank to suit every mood!

While the prints that are featured on the women’s organic tanks and tees are designed for impact, there is a story behind each print. In fact, many are inspired by our travels throughout Australia. Making each tee or tank extremely unique. 

Organic Cotton + Ethically Traded + Carbon Neutral manufacturing = 100% Sustainable

While our range of women’s organic t-shirts and tanks look nice they are also good for the environment and for you. Made from 100% organic cotton that has been tended with less water and no pesticides, you can be sure that our tees and tanks will be kind to your skin. 

Mahiya’s range of ladies womens organic tees and tanks make the environment and you feel good. 100% sustainable, you can take comfort in stylish tees that feature organic cotton that has been ethically traded with carbon-neutral manufacturing. 

Our womens organic tees can be rolled up at the sleeves, tied in a knot at the front, or worn traditionally. Either way, you can feel comfortable, stylish and free in our designs. Perfect for a day at the beach or an outing with friends, our ladies organic tanks and tees are super versatile. 

Colourful and fun our range of unique and womens organic tees and tanks provides earthy twists to traditional and modern styles. Whether paired with a leather bag or a turquoise cuff, you are sure to turn heads in your sustainable style.