Take the ocean anywhere with this beach styled collection  

Our seashell bag are designed to fit your life; they're beautiful boho accessories inspired by the  beach, seashells and the ocean lifestyle that can be worn year-round. If you're looking for an accessory that will help you make a statement—and will last —this is the collection for you.

Ocean Inspired Handcrafted Women’s Wallets, Handbags, and Clutches in Australia.

Our much loved Ocean collection features a Clam Shell metal inlay and soft fringing. Made from the softest sheep leather seashell bag. Mahiya do not follow fast fashion traditions, we use intricate designs and premium materials paired with hand stitched / hand-tooled techniques to make our products personal the bohemian way! These stunning accessories will turn heads day and night.

The Beach Lovers Perfect Bohemian Accessory

These artisan leather seashell bag, purses and clutches are perfect for any free spirited goddesses living the boho lifestyle. Not only are they appealing but they also are made with functionality in mind, perfect for carrying daily essentials around such as phone, cash and cards. We know that when you're buying a seashell bag, you want something that's going to last you a lifetime—and that's what we deliver. From leathers and rivets to linings and zippers, we ensure every detail is perfect before it leaves our shop. We want each piece to be a work of art that looks incredible, feels amazing, and functions perfectly.