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About Boho Jewellery

 Boho jewellery is all about the free spirit and the love of nature. It's about taking a moment to yourself and getting lost in your own thoughts, with nothing but the sound of birds chirping and the wind rustling through trees.

Boho jewellery is made for people who want to express themselves without worrying about whether or not their jewellery is "in" this season. It's not about following trends or being on trend; it's about wearing what feels right to you, every single day.

And we've got bohemian jewellery that does just that. We've worked hard to make sure our Boho jewellery is high-quality and durable, so you can wear it everywhere—and still look amazing!

Curated bohemian gypsy jewellery, including boho silver rings and turquoise cuffs, bohemian rings Australia, necklaces, bohemian earrings Australia, beads and more. Beautiful boho jewellery Australia to complement your boho style.

You Can Never Have Too Much Gypsy Jewellery

There aren’t rules about how to dress in bohemian style, it’s effortless and personal. Our Boho Jewellery includes the use of silver and turquoise in our collection. Our range of boho style earrings, chunky silver rings, and stunning necklaces make layering your boho style easy. Add as much or as little as you want to complete your bohemian look.

Uniquely Crafted Bohemian Silver and Dominican Laminar Jewellery 

We believe in the power of crystals. There's nothing quite like wearing a piece of jewellery that is infused with healing energy and that promotes peace, clarity, and wisdom. That's why we believe in making laminar jewellery: you'll feel good wearing our jewellery just like all of our other bohemian jewellery pieces. Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It represents peace and clarity, radiating healing and love energy.

Embrace Nature and Authentic Expression with BohoJewellery for Every Occasion

Boho jewellery embodies the free-spirited essence of nature,offering you a moment of tranquillity amidst the rustling leaves and chirping birds. It's a celebration of personal expression, encouraging you to embrace your unique style without following fleeting trends. At Mahiya, we prioritise durable, high-quality boho jewellery that effortlessly complements your everyday look, from intricately designed silver rings to enchanting turquoise cuffs and captivating necklaces.

Our collection is a fusion of nature-inspired elements and individuality, allowing you to curate your bohemian ensemble with confidence and grace. Our specially crafted bohemian silver and Dominican laminar jewellery, infused with the transformative power of Larimar, radiates healing energy, promoting peace and clarity. Discover the timeless allure of Australian boho jewellery at Mahiya, where every piece embodies the spirit of bohemian elegance and authenticity.

A Wide Range Of Australian Boho Jewellery

Boho Rings

Boho rings are one of the most versatile accessories you can wear with your bohemian clothes. Our range of boho silver rings implements turquoise into the design for a classic boho look. Mix and match a variety of silver bohemian rings Australia with and without stones to create a unique look. Ours include a range of wide and narrow styles that you can group together.  

Boho Necklaces

A bohemian necklace is another piece of jewellery that you can layer. Add several necklaces and pendants in varying lengths for all kinds of necklines. Wear a single boho necklace with a scarf. There are endless possibilities, all of which match your boho style perfectly.

Boho Earrings

Mahiya has one of the most stylish collections of boho earrings in Australia. Our delicate, dainty styles are elegant enough to wear as boho bridal earrings or with your everyday boho wear. Our silver earrings work beautifully with our silver boho rings and bracelets for any occasion. Express your gypsy spirit with our handcrafted silver earrings and enjoy the many positive effects of turquoise. The natural semi-precious stone symbolises friendship, and it has purification properties that dispel negative energy.

Boho Bracelets

Bracelets are an extension of all your boho jewellery that pulls everything else together. Wear multiple layers of silver with traditional boho accents, such as turquoise or feather. Our boho bracelets reflect the carefree, natural style that you love about the bohemian lifestyle. Pair any of our feminine styles with a cuff and any of our matching rings. Mix, match, and play around with a range of jewellery pieces to find the perfect look to match your style.

Boho Anklets

Boho style anklets are the perfect adornment to wear with your summer shoes. Pair them with a toe ring or two and look stylish even without any shoes. Our anklets feature turquoise and silver mother-daughter hanging leaves detailing. Boho jewellery makes the simplest designs look stunning.

No boho wardrobe is complete without the right boho jewellery. Shop Mahiya for quality, handcrafted bohemian necklaces, rings, bohemian earrings, and more to complement your bohemian lifestyle. We offer unique designs that you can wear in a broad range of ways. Shop our store for some of the most popular bohemian bagswallets, and mini gypsy clothes for the youngest gypsy in your bohemian tribe.

If you have any questions, contact us today. If you are passionate about living the bohemian lifestyle, Mahiya has the quality of sustainable products that matter to you. Learn more about our Australian designs and our passion for making quality and unique boho designs.