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Nothing brings more style to a Mums wardrobe than her very own boho baby bag and leather nappy bags from Mahiya. Intricate detailing, hand painted designs from Australia, and embellishments give these baby bags the striking beauty you’d expect from a high-end handbag. Make a statement with our luxury range of handcrafted leather baby bags with distinctive Boho style.


Indulge in a Luxurious Boho Nappy Bags

Carrying nappies and bottles isn’t always glamorous, but it can be stylish! There’s no reason you can’t have a fashion moment and still tend to your baby’s needs. Some of our leather nappy bags are large enough to use for travel or as a carry-on. You’ll still get a lot of use out of your bag long after the need for nappies has come and gone. Some, like the Bambino leather baby bag, have an insert that even doubles as an iPad bag.

Opt for a baby bag and organiser to carry everything you need on the go. There’s space for bottle packets, nappies, wipes, creams, and more. The bags are constructed for easy access with zipper openings and elasticated inside pockets. A detachable shoulder strap lets you choose how to carry it. Place the bag over your pram or over your shoulder.


The Leather Nappy Bag with Bohemian Style

Our range of leather nappy bags consists of quality products that are as versatile as they are durable. There’s never a time that your bag won’t be useful in one way or another. The feature that sets them apart from other leather nappy bags is the distinct boho detailing. Your baby bag will complement any mum’s boho lifestyle.

Each bag is hand-tooled using sustainable leather. Our artisans use techniques like hand painting and applying stone inlays to create unique designs. There’s no shortage of bohemian beauty with any of our leather bags.

Every new mum can benefit from leather nappy bags in one of our classic or new styles. For more hands-free use, opt for one of our backpack designs. The Chameleon Bag and its sister design, the Seychelles, transform easily from a backpack to handbag in one easy move. You can literally use these bags for all of your needs, whether you’re on your next adventure with your baby or alone.

A baby bag helps keep your essentials close and easy to access wherever you go. Our leather baby bags are an investment that last beyond the needs of your baby. They look more like the artistically designed bags they are than nappy bags. All of our leather bags are made with the passion for the bohemian lifestyle. Each design has the exceptional detailing that Mahiya has earned a reputation for throughout Australia.

Staying organised is serious business for any mum. Staying true to your boho lifestyle and fashion is even more challenging when you have to care for your little one. A boho nappy bag from Mahiya makes it easy to stay calm, peaceful, and in control. Treat yourself or a new mum in your life to beautiful boho bags. Still have questions? Contact us with any questions you have about our products.