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Here you are on our values page, which means that you too, care about the story of where your goods come from,
and who made them. Maybe you are just beginning to explore this value, or maybe its fundamentally
important to you, either way, we are pleased to let you know, it is also important to Mahiya.
Mahiya was born from a love of hand-crafted Bohemian treasures, & we continue to deliver our customers unique,
detailed craftmanship while staying committed to our sustainability & humanitarian values.
We are pleased to work closely with Artisans & their families across Indonesia, helping them to provide for
themselves & their families through fair pay.



Alex & Ryan with some of Mahiya's manufacturers, Bali, Indonesia

100% of all the leathers used in Mahiya products are a bi-product of the food-industry, leathers that would otherwise be discarded. Priding ourselves on hand-crafted goods, and staying true to unique artisan practices, all our leathers are
also hand-dyed. Mahiya bags & wallets are not produced by fast fashion industry methods.
Producing only two small clothing collections per year, each piece of Mahiya clothing is designed to be trans-seasonal.
Mahiya garments are not influenced by fast & fleeting trends, making each piece relevant to
your wardrobe for years to come.

Where possible, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that we use packaging that can be recycled. All our Leather goods come in a cotton re-usable cloth bag that can be used again as a beach, storage or shopping bag.

We believe in giving back where we can, and since 2016 we have been donating to a charity close to our heart,
Doctors Without Borders. This charity is a global medical aid providing assistance wherever needed most,
to assist in lifesaving humanitarian care.
We look forward to continuing to evolve our practices with each new season and we thank you from the
bottom of our hearts for being a part of the Mahiya Journey.

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