If you're unfamiliar with Mish & Kirk of We Live We Explore, consider yourself spared from some serious travel envy. Fellow Aussies and adventure enthusiasts, we recently collaborated with this talented duo to showcase some of our favourite Vintage Rose styles.

Keep track of their latest looks and worldly nooks on Instagram at @weliveweexplore, and read our interview with the sweet & stylish couple below.


Mahiya Muse: We Live We Explore

Mish wears the Romance Skirt in Black Rose.


After all the stunning places you've explored, what are your top travel priorities left on the list?

It’s true, we have visited so many unique and magical places around the world. But would you believe our future travels / bucket list is still an extremely long one? A few places that we are really keen to head out and explore in the near future would be:
  • Sri Lanka: looking to be our next overseas travel destination 
  • India (Indian food is Mish’s absolute favourite!)
  • Philippines 
  • Huge road-trip around Australia in a van / camper!
  • Hawaii: some of the mountain hiking looks incredible
  • Greece: we didn’t make it to Greece during our Euro trip last year and it’s a huge regret!

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Where is your favourite place - or places - to spend a weekend getaway in South Australia?

We feel really luck to call SA our home, as although it is a lesser known spot in Australia, we love how accessible & relatively close by everything is! We love that you are always guaranteed your own private space on the beach, and that the people here are laid back and always have time for a smile and chat with a stranger. Our favourite weekend road-trip spots would be:
  • Anywhere along the coast, so many beautiful beaches and swimming holes if you know where to look!
  • Mount Crawford Pine Forest, endless pines and walking trails - so nice for winter camping.
  • Port Elliot, a beautiful spot where you will regularly spot whales, dolphins, and sea lions.
  • Barossa Valley & McLaren Vale, two beautiful wine regions, approximately an hour away from the city centre with hundreds of vineyards and cellar doors to explore.
  • Adelaide Hills, filled with local farmers' markets on the weekends, and historic style pubs. Not to mention breathtaking views!

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What do you look for when making style choices for a trip, either locally or abroad?

Love this question! Kirk is a bit of “less is more” kind of guy, which means that there’s always extra room in the luggage for my nice things!
I love styling dependent on our locations and photography spots, too.
Beautiful prints and colours (just like my gorgeous Mahiya pieces!) are a great way for us to really pop in a photograph when there’s a bit of a more basic backdrop (i.e. beach sunsets).
What we wear can really make a photo that little extra special I think! But I also do adore all of my basics that are great for mixing and matching, linens and neutral tone clothing are always essential for a getaway too!
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How does travelling as a couple make things easier or more difficult?

When we experienced our around-the-world trip for 12 months, Kirk and I really learnt so much more about each other than ever before. We are quite similar in ways, but also complete opposites at the same time.
I’m a really organised person, and Kirk loves to go with the flow. We learnt during our travels to meet in the middle, which meant we always had a bit of a rough plan, but that it was open for change and extended stays if we really fell in love with a particular place.
The best thing I love about travelling as a couple is always having someone to share those highs (and lows!) with... someone to smile with you through the sunsets and enjoy the good times, but also be a support when things don’t always go to plan, when you miss that important connecting flight, or are feeling a little homesick.
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We're aware of your passion for sustainable living. What can local residents do to support these efforts?

Yes we are! This earth is too beautiful for us humans to destroy it any more than we already have, and you know what? The steps that locals (and travellers!) do to help can be the smallest of things! Some of our main principles and efforts involve:
  • Don’t use any single-use plastic: buy reusable water bottles, and use metal or wooden straws!
  • Buy local from food to fashion. We love to support small and local businesses, or Australian farmers and brands wherever possible.
  • Invest in a reusable coffee cup.
  • Implement compost and recycling principles at home.
  • We love growing our own herbs in the garden!
  • When travelling, walk everywhere rather than driving (less fuel pollution and you get to see so much more!)
  • Eat less meat: I’m a vegetarian and Kirk rarely eats meat, and whenever he does he ensures it’s locally and sustainably sourced.
  • Make the switch to natural products such as hand wash, dishwashing liquid, face and body products.
  • Make a conscious effort to pick up any rubbish you may see on the beach, even if it’s not your own.
  • Always bringing a reusable shopping bag with you, you never know!

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Big thank you to the lovely Mish & Kirk, and be sure to tag us in your style photos at #mahiyamuse for a chance to be featured!

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