As we near the one year mark of welcoming our little Ziggy to the sweet Mahiya family, we are obsessed with all the fabulous mums doing amazing things in their communities, companies and for themselves across Australia and afar. This week, we are highlighting Emma Gibb of Perth: wife, mum, entrepreneur, and manifester. 

See more of Emma on Instagram @thatgypsymum, read more on her website That Gypsy Mum, join the Perth Mumma Community Facebook Group, and read our latest interview with the #mumgoals gal herself below...


Mahiya Muse: That Gypsy Mum

Emma wears the Alora Top & Cuba Maxi Skirt in White and Anastasia Smock Dress in Black Rose.


Q: How have your style preferences changed since becoming a mum?  

I used to have a wardrobe full of boring black and grey corporate dresses. Now that I'm a mum I feel like I can express myself more so l love wearing pretty, bright patterns. Instead of buying lots of cheap clothes I now buy beautiful pieces that last. I also don’t care what other people think, if my boobs sag but the dress is cute I’ll still wear the dress.   

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Q: For someone just starting out, what advice do you give to start living a more spiritual, grounded life? 

I think it’s important to understand that everything in life is made up of energy and how we use and focus that energy impacts greatly on our lives. Expressing gratitude is a good place to start and then assessing what serves you in life and what doesn’t. You should always be consciously avoiding negative people and situations while focusing on spreading positivity and love. From there I would suggest reading and dabbling in different spiritual shit to see what you vibe with. For some that could be horoscopes or moon phases, personally I love healing crystals and earthing.

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Q: Where is your favourite place in Perth to spend a day off?

I love nothing more than getting in the car with my boys and driving around the Perth hills. I love being surrounded by the trees and rolling hills while my husband is trapped in the drivers seat unable to escape my constant chatter. It’s my dream to move to a property bordering a national park so I’m always visualising living there while simultaneously picking numbers on my lotto app.

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Q: We love your honest, humorous approach to parenting. What tips do you have for new parents trying to navigate life with a little one?

I found it really hard to adjust to motherhood. I had a set idea in my head of what it would be like (mainly just having a baby on a routine that slept) but the reality of the situation was so completely different. The best advice that I was given as a new mum was 'just do whatever you need to get through each day' so that would be my only tip because those early days are just about survival. One day I walked around a shopping centre for so long a security guard suspected I was a shoplifter. He was seriously so disappointed when he searched the pram and realised I was just tired mum and not a crack head.

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Q: What was your goal in creating the That Gypsy Mum blog, and are there any new projects in the works?

It originally started as a wellness blog back in 2015 which is pretty funny considering I am a junk food fiend. I thought I was going to be an overnight millionaire (I wasn’t) so my intentions were not pure at all. After a few name changes, forgetting to pay the bill (and losing 3 years worth of writing) I became That Gypsy Mum, doing life differently. Basically my goal was just to make people laugh. One day a mum messaged me through Insta saying that she had a really bad week in hospital with her newborn and watching my Instagram stories was the highlight of her days. That filled me with so much love and happiness I just wanted to continue sharing and helping other women in tough times through humour and spirituality.

I'm currently studying to be a crystal healer and in August I launched an online crystal shop - - with a good friend. I've almost finished writing a manuscript for my first book. Well technically my second if you count the 10 page book I self published through Amazon Kindle seven years ago. I will forgive you if you missed it, it’s not a best seller but it has made me 74 cents. Anyway, if my 6 month old and 2 year old ever let me, I plan to self publish this book too, hopefully I'll make like 82c this time round. 

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I blog about spirituality over at That Gypsy Mum and you can see me hashtagging #mumlife and rolling around in cling wrap on my IGTV at @thatgypsymum.


Big thanks to Emma for participating. We love your Vintage Rose styling and can't wait to read more of your blog!

September 19, 2018 — Alex Longstaff

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