In case you haven't already seen, a lot has happened this month. Almost three weeks ago, we welcomed our gorgeous little man to the world, Mister Ziggy Cruz!

As new parents, we are beyond thrilled that everything went so smoothly, and are so thankful to our friends and family for all of their love and support as we settle in.


Welcoming Baby Ziggy 

One thing we absolutely wanted to do was get some professional photos taken soon after he was born, not only to capture his first days as a newborn, but for us to cherish and remember as first time parents. 

Local Gold Coast photographer Hayley Williamson was kind enough to lend her services for a special Fresh 48 photo session, capturing Ziggy just two days after he was born.


Fresh 48: Ziggy's Newborn Edit

We are so thankful for these amazing photos, and highly recommend her newborn photo services to all the new mums and dads on the Goldie!

fresh48 australia

mahiya baby blog

How beautiful are these photos?! We also want to thank all the nurses and doctors at John Flynn Hospital. It was such a treat to relax for the first few days, and we were truly in good hands the entire time. 

fresh48 newborn photos

mahiya baby photos

We can't wait to start the next chapter alongside this little guy, and appreciate each and every one of our beautiful Mahiya customers for your ongoing support and love of our handmade items

baby ziggy mahiya

Thank you to Hayley for these stunning images, which we will cherish always! 

October 31, 2017 — Alex Longstaff


Talita Sheedy said:

SUCH BEAUTIFUL Photos that have captured this special time. It is pure bliss these first moments. I have used your Nappy bag for over a year with my bub and absolutely love it. These photos are making me clucky xx


congratulations ~ you have discovered and will go on discovering this enormous love you never knew existed for little Ziggy. I love the name you have chosen, and the photos are amazing, a model looking family x

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