While we absolutely love to see our customers rocking their Mahiya street style in real life, it's fun for us to play around with new looks and styles in the digital realm, too. 

If you've never used Polyvore or Pinterest, we'll break down the reasons we love using both, and show you some recent boards and collages we've put together showcasing our newest items, classic favourites, and other items we just can't help but recommend.


Mahiya Polyvore & Pinterest Feature

We're the first to admit that social media can be overwhelming these days. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Google+ and a seemingly endless list of new sites popping up every day, we believe the key to managing your time online is choosing to participate in communities that enhance (or showcase) your creativity, rather than simply waste your time. 


Polyvore: Why We Like It

We created a @mahiyaleather Polyvore account about 6 months ago, and absolutely love the creativity of some of the top users and flexibility of the platform itself. 

Whether you're trying to come up with the perfect bohemian wedding aesthetic, weekend party outfit or lookbook for your upcoming trip, Polyvore allows users and brands to create curated 'Sets' of their favourite items. Add background images, text overlays, magazine articles and more to your favourite outfit pieces, and you'll soon be able to turn your mood, inspiration or personal style goals into something more realistic.

womens leather boots looks

Mahiya Featured Items: Pixi Crop, Delilah Skirt, Demelza Dress, Mika Leather Wallet, Cadillac Leather Boots, Earth Angel Suede Jacket, Ocean Dreamer Wallet, Lonestar Leather Boots

bohemian summer style guide

Mahiya Featured Items: Ophelia Leather Boho Bag, Mandala Phone Leather Case, Lonestar Leather Boots, Aloha Purse, Delilah Skirt

We absolutely love creating these customised looks and boho style guides, and consistently find amazing new items to add to our sets along the way. Best of all, each item in a set is linked to the product itself, so unlike other social media platforms, there's absolutely no digging to find that dream item in an online shop!

women's black leather boho boots

Mahiya Featured Items: Free Spirit Wallet, Dreamer Leather Boots, Wanderer Knit Poncho, Azire Autumn Leather Wallet, Swept Away Leather Jacket

womens boho winter style guide

Mahiya Featured Items: Dream Weaver Bag, Earth Angel Suede CapeDreamer Leather Boots, Maya Leather Bag, Riviara Knit


Pinterest: Why We Like It

Our @mahiyaleather Pinterest account has been around for a while now, but lately we have been creating some new graphics for our items that really display their handmade detailing and functionality, inside and out. 

Since Pinterest has been around for ages (at least in terms of social media sites!), we love it for its vast wealth of inspiration. From searching for the best music festivals to interior design inspiration to life as a new mum, Pinterest is full of inspiring images and information created to do one thing: make your life easier and more interesting. 

handmade leather accessories

Mahiya Featured Items: Harper Hand Tooled Wallet, Little Wings Nappy Bag Organiser, Lahina Wallet, Azire Spring Leather Wallet

womens hand tooled leather accessories

Mahiya Featured Items: Blues Festival Phone Pouch, Gypset WalletCapsize Leather BagHamsa Coin Purse


Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you all on Polyvore and Pinterest soon. And thank you to everyone who has reached out to us about baby Ziggy, we are so in love and taking a little time to settle in!

October 21, 2017 — Alex Longstaff

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