Australia is home to an array of plentiful natural beauty in every state - rainforests, beaches, desert, cliffs, volcanoes, mountains, ocean reef, you name it - so we were beyond excited to take a trip down south to Victoria to explore some of the area's best attractions, including Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and Wilson's Promontory. 

Below we'll give you some of the highlights of our trip, as well as travel advice for hosting your next bohemian road trip adventure! 


Bohemian Road Trip: Australian Adventure


The Great Ocean Road Travel Tips

Though there are several guided van tours of the area, we reckon it wouldn't be much of an Australian road trip if you didn't drive it yourself! We highly recommend renting a campervan for your adventure (we went with the Chubby Camper from Travellers Autobarn), and taking as much time as you can to see all the gorgeous sites and get off the beaten path a little. 

Best Stops: 

Bells Beach - Located just a short drive past Torquay (the Great Ocean Road starting point), this famous surf beach is scenic and serene, assuming you catch it on a day when there's not a surf contest or really good surf conditions.

Aireys Inlet - Take a quick stop at the Split Point Lighthouse before stopping to grab some coffee from a local shop. Cute town with lovely views!

Lorne - One of our favourite towns to stop along the road, Lorne is full of attractions, including Teddy's Lookout, Erskine Falls, the pier and plentiful restaurants.

Johanna Beach - Located a short ways off of the Great Ocean Road, Johanna Beach is also a great spot for experienced surfers and home to a lovely campground just near the beach.

Gibson Steps - Walk down to the beach at low tide to appreciate the cliffs and views.

12 Apostles - Best during sunrise or sunset, the Twelve Apostles is great for a quick stop and photo op (hey, that rhymes!).

Loch Ard Gorge - If you're lucky enough to get here before the crowds, this is absolutely one of the most beautiful stops on the entire road, in our opinion.

London Bridge - Nearing the end of the Great Ocean Road, London Bridge is a must-stop for those journeying to the end. 

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Road Trip Tips: 

Make It Cozy

Be sure to bring along items to make the drive (and your sleeping space) comfortable and relaxing! We recommend packing the following items: 

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What to Wear

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Melbourne Travel Tips 

If big cities, delicious food, interesting architecture, diverse cultures and a thriving nightlife appeal to you, Melbourne is the place to be in Australia. Home to enough attractions to keep any traveler occupied for as long as they wish, we've listed some of our favourite Melbourne stops below. 

Note: Pay attention to parking signs! Driving here is a tad more complicated because of the trams, street parking, pedestrians and constant traffic, so just beware before you decide to take your campervan for an inner-city adventure. 

Best Stops:

Fitzroy - This funky hub of Melbourne is home to some seriously cool bohemian finds, including tons of vintage shops, record stores, book stores, cafes and bars. We particularly loved Marquis de Lorne and The Provincial Hotel

Chinatown - There aren't enough dumplings in the world to express our love of, well... dumplings. Head to one of Chinatown's many, many restaurants to get your fix of inexpensive dim sim, dumplings and more. Mmm!

St. Kilda - We love this beachside gem just a little outside the CBD. With plenty of cafes and happy hour spots to keep you entertained, as well as surrounding neighbourhoods that ooze bohemian vibes, you'll love St. Kilda.

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What to Wear

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Wilson's Prom

The southernmost point of Australia, despite what many visitors assume, is not actually located in the state of South Australia, but rather in Victoria at a gorgeous area called Wilson's Promontory. 

Located about a 3 hour drive south of Melbourne, Wilson's Prom is the perfect place to set up camp for a weekend of surfing, hiking, and lounging in the sunshine. Wombats, kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas are seen everywhere, and the views are truly a spectacular reward for the end to a bohemian road trip adventure in Australia.

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What to Wear

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Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you on the road in 2017! We hope you enjoyed our post about bohemian road tripping in Victoria, Australia, and feel free to leave your favourite boho road trip advice (for any location) in the comments below. Cheers! 

April 19, 2017 — Alex Longstaff


Dina Jackson said:

It is a wonderful place to visit. I feel I would be at home on that trip. I would love to see Australia. It would be a dream come true.

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