Recently we decided to team up with one of our favourite ladies, Ms. Gabrielle Rose, for an exclusive collaboration of unique, handmade, and bohemian-inspired bridal gowns and accessories! 

The Nomadic Love Bridal Collection is now available for order on our site, and feel free to reach out for further details if you require any customisation or have specific questions. 

Please enjoy photos and video from our recent bridal shoot, and we hope to make your bohemian wedding just a touch more extraordinary with Gabrielle's beautiful handmade items! For further wedding inspiration, be sure to follow our Boho Weddings Pinterest Board.


Gabrielle Rose for Mahiya - 'Nomadic Love' Bridal Collection

First off, we'd like to give a massive thank you to the dream team below for making the shoot a success!


Designer Interview

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Gabrielle about her inspiration and history behind her unique line of work. Please enjoy her responses below... 


What's your background in the fashion industry, and where/what did you study to get where you are today?

My love and appreciation for fashion began long ago and grew throughout my career as a Fashion Photographer, stylist and makeup artist.

This passion continued to develop which led me to move to Melbourne, where I completed my Associate Degree in Fashion Design & Technology. While studying I took particular interest in fabric manipulation, design and garment construction. I honed my skills and was awarded The Australian Wool Education Trust Fashion Design Grant to assist in designing and producing my final collection.

My varied background in the fashion industry has given me the skills and experience to evolve into a well-rounded designer with a refined eye for detail.

nomadic love bridal collection mahiya


Where did your inspiration for the 'Nomadic Love' Collection come from?

'Nomadic Love' was inspired by my very first custom order. This order was placed by a close childhood friend of mine, Nicole, who is nomadic by nature, a rule breaker and a true bohemian beauty.

We worked very closely together to design and develop her dream wedding dress while keeping in mind her personal aesthetic, body type and finances.

It was at this stage that I became aware of the big gap in the market for affordable bohemian inspired wedding dresses and accessories! Without bohemian bridal accessories it becomes near impossible to complete the boho look.

The collection I have developed is all encompassing and will have every element for the bohemian bride so she will need not look any further. ‘Nomadic Love’ is a fresh take on traditional bridal, embodying elements of my aesthetic. My aesthetic is bold yet feminine with a vision to create breathtaking, one of a kind pieces that are intricate and unique whilst making an unforgettable statement.

I turn to the likes of classic bohemian beauties like Jane Birkin and Bridgette Bardot for inspiration, as well as modern muses like Erin Wasson and Nicole Ritchie.

Each design is carefully executed, undeniably romantic and absolutely breathtaking while maintaining a strong focus on comfort and wearability, enabling the dress to be worn again.

mahiya bridal collection


What are you most looking forward to, professionally, in 2017? 

In 2017 I am looking forward to many things!

At the moment I am preparing for my upcoming collaboration launch with Mahiya; I will be working closely with Alex from Mahiya to provide the bohemian bride with everything she needs for her special day.

I also look forward to watching the label grow, while creating garments and accessories of high quality with unique design at an affordable price-point.

bohemian bridal gowns and accessories


Any style advice for those looking to capture the 'bohemian bride' look?

I believe it is important to let the real you shine through. Subtle, natural hair & makeup compliments a harmonious, bohemian look.  It is imperative to feel comfortable and relaxed on your big day. Have fun with implementing your signature on your unique Bohemian look.

boho wedding dresses


Three cool facts about you and/or your work. Go!

My collection 'Nomadic Love' was created while pregnant with my son Oliver Archer!

Collaborating with Mahiya has allowed me to work from home, allowing me to enjoy every precious moment with Oliver during his early years.

I live, breathe and dream fashion. Sewing is my cardio! Beading and applique help me unwind and my dreams continue to grow.

bohemian wedding gowns and accessories


Thanks for reading, and we hope all of you lovely (future) bohemian brides out there enjoy the 'Nomadic Love' Collection

April 26, 2017 — Alex Longstaff


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What a beautiful story…wishing you all the best Gabby!x

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Beautiful I love it so good

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