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Mahiya premium leather luxe collection
Express your free-spirited individualistic attitude with the Mahiya Luxe collection, there's no need to compromise. Our luxe purses and handbags are a perfect pair and essential for any bohemian lover's daily lifestyle with a beautiful yet functional design. Each piece strikes the perfect balance between bohemian design and understated cool with a touch of grunge. This timeless collection boasts an effortless approach to true bohemian style making this collection essential to any Mahiya boho wardrobe.

Premium Bohemian Style Luxe Leather Bags,Wallets and Purses
Now you can elevate your boho look with the Mahiya Luxe range. The stunning collection features exclusive Mahiya lining and the signature Luxe badge of authenticity. Designer Alex Hutchinson has created a timeless, luxurious aesthetic that brings his eye for detail to life.

A Focal Point To Any Bohemian Wardrobe
Designed with high quality leather with woven detailing, scalloped edging and polished metal studs that has an edgy-yet-classic look, these boho-inspired pieces will become your go-to accessories. Modern & classic in style, you'll adore this treasure for years to come.