We often get asked about the design of Mahiya's beautiful bohemian leather accessories, bags and wallets, so we thought we would share with you how these creations come to life and the design process behind each unique piece. In our last blog we shared with you how each piece is lovingly hand made and hand tooled by our small team of expert leather workers in Bali. But, how do we come to the stunning designs that our team manufactures?

Alex Hutchinson, founder and owner of Mahiya, also happens to be a very talented and creative soul. Not only does she sing beautifully, is a talented photographer who shoots all Mahiya products as well as photographs for other brands and personal projects, but she is also an excellent designer! Alex has been designing for 10 years and single handedly designs every new leather bag and bohemian wallet as well as Mahiya's clothing ranges. 

Inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, excited by bold colours and interesting textures, and with a love of feminine styles with a 70s vibe, Alex takes great pleasure in coming up with unique, new and exclusive designs. She loves seeing her creations come to life and is motivated by seeing each design become a treasured items for Mahiya's customers. 

Alex's passion does not end at the design stage. Mahiya has one of the most stringent quality control processes with each individual piece carefully quality checked to make sure that the fabric, leather, manufacture, colour and details are all of the highest standard, ensuring that each piece is made to last and looks exactly as beautiful as it was designed to.

If you want to make sure that your bohemian leather accessories are unique and of the best quality, check for the Mahiya branding and metal plate when buying directly from Mahiya or one of our select wholesalers to be sure that you are getting an original! 

Here are Alex's latest unique designs...

BLOGGED | Mahiya Uniquely Designed Leather AccessoriesBLOGGED | Mahiya Uniquely Designed Leather Accessories 2BLOGGED | Mahiya Uniquely Designed Leather Accessories 3BLOGGED | Mahiya Uniquely Designed Leather Accessories 5



July 13, 2016 — Alex Longstaff


Adena Harel said:

What a stylish bags. Looking superb! Beautiful! Awesome! I just loved loved loved it.

Adena Harel

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