When buying gifts for new mums, think 3 main things; practical, comfortable, stylish! This means gifts that can be used by both mum and bub. Gifts that provide some sense of comfort, and that actually look good! When you’re looking for a gift for a boho mum, you can always rely on Mahiya. 

Many new mums are often given presents that simply don’t match their style. At Mahiya, we want to change that. That’s why we have created a range of products that meet all of a new mum’s key needs while also being boho, chic and fashionable. 

Handmade with love, our leather baby bags are the gift that keeps on giving. Featuring over the shoulder straps, they sit perfectly and comfortably on your shoulder, leaving your hands free for baby carrying duty! 

mother and baby with leather baby bagleather baby bag

The melody baby bag

Our leather nappy bags are also incredibly stylish. Handmade with love, our leather changing bags are the product of an experiment to create boho inspired gifts for mums. Featuring pops of colour and intricate patterns our baby bags are down to earth and practical.

The Most Practical Bag Out There 

Made from ethically sourced and sustainable materials, our bohemian gifts for new mums helps them take care of bubs and the environment. Our boho range is truly about guilt-free gift giving. 

Versatile and durable, a leather nappy bag really is the perfect gift. It helps new mums express their sense of style while also assisting them when it comes time to take care of their beautiful baby. 

Featuring different design elements like patterns, colours and the use of fringe, a leather baby bag is incredibly stylish. Designed to include things like zip closures, internal pockets and even dedicated space for baby bottles, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. 

While being colourful and fun on the outside, our baby bags pack a punch on the inside. Able to house everything a baby needs during their waking moments, this little gift is a lifesaver. 

mother and baby using boho baby bagleather baby bag with organiser insert

The little dreamer baby bag & insert

However, this gift is as much for mum as it is for bub. By including stylistic embellishments and bohemian-inspired colour patterns and styles, this bag also lets new mums show their personality off. 

Boho Style That Lasts Forever 

The best thing about our leather baby bags is the fact that they don’t even look like nappy bags! This means that they can be used as overnight bags, carry on bags or even as handbags when the kids get older and yet still need things like iPads and snacks. 

Gorgeous Leather Keyrings

Nothing is more annoying than losing your keys when you’re a mum on the run, busy, juggling things and trying to get out the door. Our range of fun leather keyrings are vibrant, unique and specially designed to help you find your keys in a hurry. 

Never lose your keys again with our gorgeous keyrings. These oversized charms with tasseled edges will keep your keys secure so you don't need to worry about hunting around in your bag.

stylish keyring

Our entire range of keyrings are the perfect gift for anyone, including new mums. They’re an amazing accompaniment to our bags, and match perfectly with our wallet collections as well. 

Leather Convertible Backpacks

If you’re a mum on the go, who needs something that you can easily grab and throw on as a backpack, then we have the perfect product, the Seychelles Convertible Backpack is so handy, fun and unique. 

Hand designed in Australia, this bag has an easy to use convertible design that transforms from backpack to handbag in one easy move. Featuring a zip closure, front zip pocket, soft fringing and internal pockets, this bag is every Mum’s dream. Gorgeous front hand tooling and shell inlay and adjustable leather shoulder straps.

The best thing about backpacks is when you’re carrying bub in front, you don’t have to worry about your bag getting in the way. It’s adjustable straps also mean you can adjust it so it’s comfortable for you when you’re on the move. 

backpack for tours

The Mahiya brand was born from love and that love is infused into all of our products from our leather baby bags to our boho kids clothes and everything in between. For gifts that exude style, comfort and practicality, you can’t go past Mahiya. Let us know if you have any questions about our range, we’re here to help guide you and love chatting with our customers!

October 26, 2020 — Alex Longstaff

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