With New Year's Eve celebrations rapidly approaching and the 25th annual Falls Festival currently making its way through Australia, there's plenty of opportunities to show off your unique style while also getting some inspiration for your next gathering or party.

While there are plenty of 'on trend' style tips we could give you, the most important part of pulling off any look is ultimately to be yourself! If you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing, start with another aspect of your outfit until you find the look you're aiming for. Today we're giving you some fun ways to accessorise with our latest inspirational looks!  

NYE & Falls Festival Style Inspo

When it comes to holiday style and festival style, there's really no way to go wrong. It's the perfect opportunity to get creative, try out those fun Pinterest looks and match your style with your attitude. 


New Year's Eve: Go for Gold

Ever noticed a trend with the New Year's Eve? Between the twinkling fairly lights still leftover from Christmas, the endless glasses of bubbly, and the sparklers at midnight, gold seems to be the unofficial colour scheme of the New Year. 

new year's eve style tips

If you're stuck for style ideas for your New Year's Eve party, when it doubt, go for gold. Our all new Mimi Bag goes perfectly with our Rhodes Maxi Dress in Mango, and paired with our Chantal Vine Earrings in (you guessed it) Gold, makes a gorgeous boho style look to ring in 2018.

bohemian style for new year's eve


Falls Festival: Accessory Inspiration

The Perfect Hat

You can (and likely will) forget many things at a music festival, but sun protection isn't one of them. Even if you leave your sunscreen at home and layers aren't in the cards to rock with your favourite festival outfit, finding the perfect hat can go a long way in your favour.

festival style hats

Whether you want to sport studs and sequins or go with a classic newsboy cap in solid colours, one thing's for sure - the hat is back.


Day to Night Glasses

If you've ever been to a festival in a field, a storm, a desert, or just about anywhere except for an area, you're well aware that dirt gets just about everywhere possible. Protect your eyes with a pair of sunnies that'll work for both day and nighttime.

festival sunglasses


Festive Makeup

There's so many neat ideas to try when it comes to makeup that we can hardly keep track of which one to try next! From major wingtip eyeliner to studded and glittery face makeup, bold coloured lipstick and golden eyeshadow, keep it playful this festival season for a fun addition to your look.

festival style looks


Festival Bags & Clutches

There's nothing worse than desperately grasping on to your bag in a giant crowd, and even more so in a festival setting when valuables can get snatched in an instant. Keep everything secure, lightweight and handy with our range of boho style festival phone pouch bags and clutches.

festival style bags

Choose from the Falls Phone Pouch Bag, Blues Festival Phone Pouch, Splendour Phone Pouch Bag or Coachella Festival Clutch and dance the evening away without a worry.


We hope you all have a fabulous New Year's Eve and Falls Festival celebration, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018. Thanks for reading!

December 28, 2017 — Alex Longstaff

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