Mahiya recently collaborated with Céline Perret and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a bit about Céline with you all!

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from.

My name is Céline, 35, I’m a swiss journalist, ex-radio host, and now a full-time blogger specialized in the boho lifestyle. I live in Switzerland, but spend 3 months per year in Los Angeles, my favourite city in this World, and I project with my husband to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle very, very soon 

  1. Who would you say is your #1 fashion inspiration?

Jane Birkin has always been a huge inspiration to me, same as Erin Wasson! I also feel inspired by few bloggers: @newdarlings @saratoufali @ibizabohogirl @elisecook @rocky_barnes. I guess they are my fav!

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  1. What are some of your favourite current fashion pieces?

I currently have a real crush on crochet stuff!! I have recently bought a crochet bag and a crochet scarf and have also ordered yesterday a crochet dress, and 2 crochet tops! It’s my 60s obsession! 😂 I’m also completely obsessed with everything adding fringes! Bag, shoes, jackets, I love to wear fringes but I’m always careful to wear only one item with fringes at a time. Too much is too much!

Finally, my ultimate favourite for a boho style every day is a large brim hat and some vintage necklaces and rings.

  1. What made you decide to start blogging?

I was a journalist in a swiss magazine and was in charge to write about celebrities. After having left this job, I have decided to write ONLY about what really made sense to me. So, I have created my French blog La Vie Bohème in 2016, and, 5 years later, I’m about to launch a new big chapter of my blog! The English version of it: The Boho Life by Céline will be launched this Spring!! I feel deeply excited, happy, and nervous at the same time! It’s a real challenge to me to open the door on my vision of boho to the... entire World! ❤️

  1. Name your top 3 go-to brands and why.

- Spell, because since their very beginning, it’s been a huge inspiration to me. I have created my boho jewellery brand 7 years ago (@_BeBoho_) because I have felt inspired by Spell!

- Mahiya, because it perfectly represents, through bags, accessories, shoes, and also clothes, the boho vibe and mood I feel deep in my mind. All your pieces look like a boho dream!

- Zazi Vintage, because their ethical coats are real pieces of art! I’m speechless when I scroll through their collections!

Mahiya Bohemian Clothing
  1. What are you currently listening to?

I am addicted to blues, folk, west/dirt rock and have created a Playlist which is called “Desert songs” on Spotify. It’s a mix of my very favourite songs I listened to when I drove in the desert of the west of the USA... I now listen to it very often! Also, I LOVE Silk Sonic, the new duo formed by Anderson Paak & Bruno Mars! I love their energy!! Funk is not dead!! 🤩

  1. You’re not only a style queen in fashion but you also have an eye for interior styling too. When did this become a passion?

I guess this passion became serious when I began to visit a few Airbnb’s in Joshua Tree, California. I was blown away by the very specific boho home style that people have created there. The couple who has inspired me the most are Sara and Rich Combs. They have created a few Airbnb’s in Joshua Tree and recently an Inn in Tucson, Arizona. They are truly AMAZING!!

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  1. Where can we follow your journey?

In July 2019, my husband and I have created The BoHomes :) We offer to create boho decor for specific events like weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and so on. We’ve also accumulated a large range of vintage boho furniture and decorations! We really love to create boho decor for people! It's a fulfilling experience every time. You can find our decor on @thebohomes and on my Instagram account @celine_lavieboheme as well because we also create a looooot of boho décor, even just for my photoshoots! Read my Blog Here. 

Mahiya Bohemian Clothing
April 20, 2021 — Alex Hutchinson

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