After spending the last 11 months travelling Australia in our Caravan we were blown away by the beauty of this incredible country and really wanted to create a Collection that celebrated our land and also it's people. During my childhood, my dad sometimes worked building houses in Aboriginal Communities and fell in love with the culture and the talented artists. He started his own business selling Aboriginal Art and our home was always full of their amazing creations. After visiting some Communities on our trip it really inspired me to create a Collection featuring Aboriginal Artwork and it was around the same time I came across Glenda on Instagram and really fell in love with her incredible paintings featuring fresh vibrant colours and modern designs. We sat down with Glenda to find out more about what inspires her and what it was like creating the designs for our Latest Collection 'Kalkatungu Country'
10% of Profits will be donated to Stars Foundation The mission of Stars Foundation is to support and enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women to make active choices towards realising their full potential in all aspects of their development and wellbeing. There purpose is to improve education and health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women. You can donate HERE


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your Aboriginal Heritage
My Name is Glenda Mculloch and I'm a descendant of the Kalkadoon Tribe on my dads side and non my mums side my Grand Mother is from Sand over river in the NT.
When did you start Painting and how did it come about?
I have only started in painting in the last 12 months, I just picked up a brush and started painting and I havn't stopped since that day.Both my mother and father have both painted and times, they have painted artefacts like Didgeridoos, boomerangs and clap sticks.
What inspires your art work?
I mostly draw inspiration from Landscape. Out here on Kalkadoon country its absolutely beautiful.With all the rusty colours of the outback, at first glance it looks very dry and rugged but when you look closely the colours of the dirt, the rocky bridges and the native flowers and plants are amazing!
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We know this is a very different kind of project for you, tell us a little bit about your process painting on leather.
When I was asked to paint on leather I was a bit scared but excited at the same time. Ive only ever painted on Canvas but I am always keen to learn. I did a practise run one a cheap Kmart wallet to get a feel for it and also to practice using the leather paints as its a different texture to normal acrylic paints it was a bit tricky but I got the hang of it in the end. 
What are your favourite thangs to paint?
Definitely my favourite thing to paint is the landscape. The earthy tones are what draws me to paint it. My paintings are all vibrant but earthy at the same time. Kalkadoon Country is rugged and rough and I like to depict that in my painting.
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Whats next for Glenda Mculloch?
I have recently done two paintings that were digitally printed and used to upcycle vintage denim Jackets with all proceeds going towards helping Indigenous midwifes studying. I would also love to get into the fashion industry in the future and start a indigenous Clothing label..Ove got something exciting in the works so stay tuned.
Head to our website to see the full Collection featuring gorgeous hand made and hand painted Bohemian leather Purses,  wallets and signature Fringed Hand bags. All one off pieces.
Follow Glenda on Instagram @cungellla_art
getting back to our australian roots meet aboriginal artist glenda
October 08, 2019 — Alex Longstaff

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