Ultimate Boho Christmas Gift Guide Leather Bags, Wallets and Accessories, plus silver turquoise jewellery

As 2017 comes to a close and our 4th year of Mahiya wraps up with the holidays in full swing, we've decided to give our readers a look into the best bohemian inspired gifts for the special lady - or ladies - in your life.

From your grandmother to your best friend and everyone in between, we are excited to present our special Mahiya Christmas Gift Guide to make your shopping list a little less stressful! Remember, orders $100 and over will enjoy free shipping within Australia, and the same goes for orders $170 and over to the United States. Happy shopping, babes!


Mahiya Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Boho Edition


Perfect For: The New Mum

As brand new (and beaming!) parents, we know the value of a thoughtful Christmas gift, especially one that's both useful and adorable. If you're struggling with what to get that new mum or dad, friend or relative, in your life, we recommend one of our hand tooled leather baby bags or mini gypsy clothing items. 

We're also in love with the handmade baby bibs, for both boys and girls, by BillyBibs on Etsy! 

boho christmas gift guide mahiya

Featured Products: Little Wings Nappy Bag Organiser, Little Gypsy Onesie in Berries & Cream, Bambino Leather Baby Bag & Organiser, BillyBibs Handmade Baby Bibs


Perfect For: The Wife

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift item for your spouse, creativity and attention go a long way! If you've been eyeing one of our leather wallets or handbags, now is the right time to make a hint to your hubby or partner. 

Alternately, we also love the idea of gifting a more immersive kind of present, such as the range of creative, rotating workshops at The Craft Parlour here on the Gold Coast! Learn to make your own macrame wall hanging, ceramic bowls, or water colour painting, and take home a new skill (and handmade souvenir) for a fun Christmas present that gets you out of the house. 

perfect christmas gift ideas for women

Featured Products: Harlow Fringed Bag, Alluka Wallet, Capsize Leather Bag, Gypset Wallet, Craft Parlour Workshops


Perfect For: The Best Friend

Should your best friend require anything besides your undying affection and forever friendship, worry not! Our phone pouch bags, compact leather wallets and bohemian silver friendship rings will make her appreciate you even more, and if that doesn't do it, the array of colourful and minimalistic art prints from illustrator Jonas Claesson (which include free worldwide shipping) should do it.

best friend boho gifts christmas

Featured Products: Splendour Phone Pouch Bag, Boho Angel Friendship Silver Ring, Kaya Leather Wallet, Jonas Claesson Art Print


Perfect For: The Secret Santa Recipient

Assuming your coworker is not a total party pooper, one of our handmade coin purses, leather phone cases or meditation mists from Cedar + Stone makes an ideal Secret Santa gift when you're on a budget. Alternately, Cards Against Humanity is always a major mood-lightener, which might just be what your Secret Santa recipient was looking for all along.

boho secret santa gift ideas

Featured Products: Mandala Phone Leather Case, Hamsa Coin Purse, Meditation Mist, Cards Against Humanity


Perfect For: The Mum or Grandmother

Perhaps more than anyone else, Christmas is the time to show your family members how much you care. While mums and grandmothers (and parents in general) can be difficult to shop for, we're sure they'll love one of our stunning leather bags, wallets or silver rings.

For those feeling a little more generous and adventurous, a hot air balloon ride and champagne breakfast on the Gold Coast is a memorable experience you'll cherish for years to come.

boho gift ideas for mum

Featured Products: Dream Weaver Bag (Fringe Free), Rocco Wallet, Love Me Knot Ring, Hot Air Balloon Ride & Champagne Breakfast


Perfect For: The Fun Auntie

While everyone may not have that quirky Auntie who loves to share stories about her sixth rescue cat and new spiritual guidance class, we all have that person who loves a little flavour in their gifts. 

For them, we recommend one of our handmade crochet dream catchers, colourful leather wallets or relaxing body scrubs. A monthly subscription to the GlobeIn Artisan Box from Cratejoy, which specialises in a rotating assortment of curated artisanal treasures from around the world, might also be right up their alley!

top rated bohemian christmas gifts

Featured Products: Round Crochet Dream Catcher, Quenti Leather Wallet, Elemental Body ScrubGlobeIn Artisan Box


Perfect For: Yourself

If you aren't the kind of person who ultimately ends up shopping for themselves instead of marking others off their gift list, we can't be friends. We kid. But seriously, good on you, because you have some serious self control!

For the rest of us, we recommend indulging in a treat yo'self kind of holiday with one of our leather wallets, pairs of hand tooled leather sandals (hello, summertime!), all natural bath salts from Cedar + Stone, or well-deserved soak session and spa treatment at The Bath House, a chic rejuvenation space located conveniently in Tallebudgera Valley here on the Goldie.

top christmas gift ideas for boho girls

Featured Products: Lahina Wallet, Chico Leather Sandals, Rose + Ylang Ylang Bath Salts, The Bath House Soak & Spa Session


Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read, and we hope these suggestions give you a little more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the extra time with friends and family this holiday season! We'd also love to know your suggestions for the best bohemian presents, so be sure to leave us a comment with your suggestions below. Happy holidays!

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