Earlier this year, we were thrilled to find out we are expecting with our first baby! We have always dreamed of adding to our little Mahiya family, and are so excited to become parents in only a couple of short months.

I have recently been going through a nesting phase, and have been working diligently to decorate the baby's nursery in my spare time. Due to my obvious love of all things bohemian, I was delighted to decorate the nursery with our own personal touch of modern, boho chic décor.

Check out our inspiration and tips for decorating your own bohemian nursery, and be sure to leave us any tips of your own in the comments below!


Boho Chic Nursery Inspiration

First off, 'bohemian chic' has the ability to take on many forms when it comes to home décor, so feel free to get creative!


Add Colour to a Rustic Palette

Lately we're loving the rustic, natural colour palettes, though it never hurts to add a pop of colour in the form of blankets, pillows, wall hangings or other decorative accessories. Also it's 2017, so don't stress too much about being overly gender specific. 

bohemian nursery rooms


Mix Your Patterns

Who says you have to pick one pattern and run with it?! Bohemian is all about varying your look in complementary ways, which extends to the idea of mixing up your patterns when it comes to room design as well. Love arrows, tents, sharks and that one clever quote throw? Get 'em all, and don't be afraid to mix and match! 

gypsy nursery


Add a Wall Statement Piece 

While it could be anything - a family portrait, quote, painting, mural of your favourite travel spot, handmade macrame wall hanging, or even just a brightly coloured accent wall - we love crochet and feather dream catchers for their use in protection against your baby's bad dreams (and thus more sleep for you!).

nursery accessories


Choose & Prep Your Accessories 

Chances are you're going to have several months to decorate the nursery the way you like it, so why not go ahead and choose a beautiful baby bag that perfectly matches your boho chic aesthetic and comes equipped with all the necessities! 

Bambino Leather Baby Bag

We love the Bambino Leather Baby Bag & Organiser, which also comes in a stylish black version.

boho baby bags

Both versions feature a detachable long strap which fits securely around your pram or over your shoulder, as well as a zip closure with 3 internal pockets, and 2 elasticated pockets for your bottles that are accessible even when the bag is zipped closed. 

hippie nursery

Little Wing Leather Baby Bag

We also adore the hand tooled Little Wing Leather Baby Bag & Organiser (pictured below), which also comes with a convenient front zip pocket for your keys, phone, wallet and more.

bohemian nursery decor

Limited Edition - Coming Soon

I originally made the design below just for myself, but have decided to do a Limited Edition run because I love it so much! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for announcements and release dates for this colourful combo.

boho chic baby bags


Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to joining all you beautiful and inspiring boho mums out there soon!  

July 12, 2017 — Alex Longstaff


Therese said:

This is the most amazing nursery I have ever seen!! Congrats on your new little bundle of joy!!!

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