The modern day bohemian gypsy has a style which oozes a care free chic, 70s free love and happiness, a boho style which has been influenced by trips to far off lands and diverse cultures. Endless summer days wanderlusting through foreign souks and markets, looking for a unique piece of clothing or beautiful jewel.

Adorned in the most stunning array of jewels, fringing, crochet and lace and the softest leather and suede. The boho style encompasses eye catching silhouettes, bell sleeves, bell bottoms, maxi gowns, flowing skirts, sheer fabrics which beautifully define your figure and layers and layers of jewellery put together in a carefree fashion that looks effortless and timeless.

Boho style is nothing short of inspirational, dreamy and whimsical and will inspire you to add more colour to your wardrobe. Exuding beauty, femininity, a true boho babe doesn’t need to be like everyone else to fit in, she knows deep inside that her differences make her special and unique. A wild child and a free spirit. A gypsy heart smiling and shinning with the light of love.

Mahiya are constantly inspired by the musings of the beautiful community of bohemian fashion bloggers such as Purse ‘N Boots, Risa Marie, Sarah Loven and Ready, Gypset Go who recently featured the Mahiya Del Carmen bag in an absolutely stunning blog styled amazingly in a beautiful forest, and Ibiza Boho Girl who recently featured the Mahiya Kaleci Kimono in a bright, fun and colour filled blog.

We love to be inspired and share the love by offering our own inspiration on our Pinterest page where we share our favourite images of boho style fashions, homes and travel destinations. We’ve shared with you below our latest blogger collaboration shoots from Sarah Loven and Ibiza Boho Girl which encompass the core ingredients of beautiful boho style...

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September 09, 2015 — Kai Budgen

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