Living on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, we are blessed to enjoy long summer days and stunning winters with mild days and awesome sunshine. However there is nothing quiet like heading off at winter on a bohemian holiday adventure to an exotic far off land. Somewhere hot, somewhere with beautiful beaches, smiling people, exotic scents and tastes. As you step off the plane to start your adventure, you breathe in the heat, light and colour. A true bohemian beauty appreciates an amazing travel destination, and relishes in the adventure and experiences a new, unknown travel destination can bring. So here we bring to you our favourite bohemian holiday destinations and show you just why we love them so much.

Kauai // Hawaii
Hawaii is by no means an undiscovered destination, but it certainly offers the bohemian traveler the best of luxury-meets-eco-friendly adventures. Local Hawaiian’s have implemented some excellent environmentally friendly measures, including a ban on plastic bags and limitations on island development. If like us, you are all about organic, you’ll find that Hawaii offers many organic and locally sourced food options. For the aspiring yogis amongst us, head to Hanalei Bay where fellow boho travelers and locals gather to practice their fine art before heading to the Harvest Market health food store for a delicious smoothie.
Where to stay: In Poipu, Turtle Cove Suites. Modern, clean with an ocean view to die for!

Ibiza // Balearic Islands
Ibiza may sound a bit mainstream for a bohemian holiday destination, however it can not be ignored if you want to see one of the most ‘hippie’ places in the world. Once a simple peasant farming community, it was also on the hippie travel list along with Goa and Kathmandu, and there was a good reason why boho travelers flocked to Ibiza in the 60’s, and have been doing so ever since. The Island is truly spectacular. It has unique architecture, delicious fresh Mediterranean cuisine, beautiful walking trails that must be explored, and the perfect climate. Ibiza is also the birth place of rave and still hosts the best parties at super clubs such as Amnesia and Space, which welcome Ibiza’s VIP list of celebrity holiday makers such as Jade Jagger, who have made Ibiza their main getaway destination. Stay clear of the South however and head North to Sant Joan where you’ll discover idyllic beaches and rugged headlands.

Where to stay: We are in love with the Can Curreu Hotel Retreat with its horse riding stables, spa, pools, amazing views and excellent hotel restaurant.

Arembepe // Brazil
Arembepe has been known as a ‘tropical paradise’ for many years. With the soothing sound of palm trees and the ocean breeze, you will listen to nothing but the voice of nature. Let civilization slip away as you relax into the environment in this perfect peaceful bohemian getaway. Many artists and musicians such as Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger have traveled to Arembepe to get inspired! Even today it is not a well known or popular tourist destination so why not see Brazil in its most natural state and add Arembepe to your wanderlust boho travel destination bucket list.

Where to stay: The Alfazema Cultural Bed & Breakfast gets excellent reviews and is located right in the heart of this unique village overlooking the colorful main square with its cafes and restaurants on one side and sandy beach and ocean to the other.

Chefchaouen // Morocco
Chefchaouen is a city in Northwest Morocco and another popular destination during the hippie movement of the 60’s. With its lovely original coloured buildings in different shades of blue, Chefchaouen makes an original alternative or addition to the more popular travel destinations within Morocco. This place has secured a reputation as an artisan’s town, with its unique characteristics. With the beautiful Rif Mountains in the background, Chefchaouen is definitely a place to see!

Where to stay: Riad accommodation really is the only way to stay in Morocco. Why not try the Riad Rifandalus Hotel.

Koh Chang // Thailand
While island paradises like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan (home to the infamous moon parties) have been overrun, there is still relative solitude to be found at Koh Chang, set in the Andaman Sea. This sparsely populated isle seduces visitors with its mellow vibe and rich local culture. We love to escape to the Island of Elephants (Chang translates to Elephant) with its sporadic electricity and mellow ocean vibes. For the true ‘The Beach’ experience hop on a fishing boat to get to the Island and discover one of the hippie grass hut commune style accommodation when you arrive.

Where to Stay: For the slightly less adventurous, The Nirvana Koh Chang is an eco-friendly resort nestled amongst the palm trees in Bang Bao Bay, located a longish walk to town, just off the beaten track.


July 19, 2015 — Kai Budgen

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