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Chameleon Leather Bag - Tan / Black/Turquoise

Chameleon Leather Bag - Tan / Black/Turquoise
Chameleon Leather Bag - Tan / Black/Turquoise
Chameleon Leather Bag - Tan / Black/Turquoise
The Chameleon Leather Bag from Mahiya x 2
Chameleon Leather Bag - Tan / Black/Turquoise
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Chameleon Leather Bag - Tan / Black/Turquoise
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The Chameleon Leather Bag is super bright, super fun, and an extremely practical backpack style leather bag. It makes the absolute perfect festival bag, ideal for holding all your snacks, drinks, valuables and more. This is really a 2-in-1 bag due to its functionality and design, so you're actually getting two bags for the price of one. Sitting neatly on your back while you dance to your favourite tunes, rock out in style with this bohemian leather backpack featuring colourful leather embroidery, fun tassels and a Mahiya plaque. We are totally in love with this bag! Thanks to Ayumi Amano for the picture.

External pocket 
Adjustable straps 
Choose from two colours, Black, Tan and Turqouise 

Width: 40cm
Depth: 29cm


This Mahiya Back pack has been designed with not only style in mind, but also comfort and functionality. When designing this unique luxurious bohemian back pack, we carefully considered where the straps would sit on your shoulders for optimum comfort, and also what you needed inside. We believe in creating spacious & well organised interiors that are also colourfully lined. Each of our leather back packs feature their own mix of internal zippered sections, pockets & pouches that are handy for storing all your personal belongings like phone, keys, passports & beauty accessories. Some even feature bottle holders! You can explore the individual benefits of each of our unique designs by viewing their Features & Specification section on this page. We also considered the softness & the feel of the leather used for creating this back pack. Designed to be close to your body, we want that to be nothing other than comfortable for you and as a backpack we want you to be hands free & care free to enjoy everything that awaits you.

Hand Crafted

All of our leather back packs are hand-crafted by a small team of trusted artisans. Each of the unique features that make this back pack and Mahiya one of a kind, are lovingly crafted by hand. We pride ourselves on working with hand-crafted methods instead of machined. Whether your luxe bohemian back pack features unique tooled designs, embroidery, painted designs, woven leathers, or studded details, everything has been created by hand. We don’t believe in mass production and we will always stay true to the aged methods of our crafters.

Sustainable Leather

100% of all the leathers used in Mahiya products are a bi-product of the food-industry, leathers that would otherwise be discarded. Priding ourselves on hand-crafted goods, and staying true to unique artisan practices, all are leathers are also hand-dyed or hand painted. Mahiya bags & wallets are not produced by fast fashion industry methods, we believe in creating true luxury bohemian pieces designed to last and be loved by you for many more moons.

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